Brush/Rescue 12-84

Brush 12-84 one of our two rescue/quick attack trucks. This truck is a combined Brush, Rescue outfitted with rescue capabilities for car wrecks as well as medical response. This truck is used for response to fire and medical calls. This truck is housed at Chief’s house.

  • 400 gallon water tank
  • 300 gallons per minute, Pump and roll system, with two
  • Crew capacity for four
  • One pre-connected, 150 foot 1 3/4" hose jump line
  • One 2 1/2" intake
  • Standard brush fire tool inventory
  • Genesis "jaws of life" rescue equipment
  • Full BLS medical equipment including an AED (automated external defibrillator)
  • Helicopter Landing Strobes and GPS
  • Standard brush fire tool inventory
  • Two Interspiro Firefighting Air Packs

Revised 6/4/14 by LJK