Tanker 12-71

Tanker 12-71 is our dual purpose pumper/tanker Purchased in April of 2003 using the 2002 Federal Assistance to Firefighters grant. This unit is the primary unit to respond to any house fire or major brush fire. This unit is housed at our main station on Chaires Cross Road.

Purchased from Deep South Truck and Equipment Sales, in Seminary, Mississippi. The unit features:

  • 2,000 gallon water tank
  • 500 gallons per minute Hale pump with four discharges
  • Crew capacity for two
  • Both rear and side rapid discharge chutes
  • Two pre-connected, 150 foot 1 3/4" hose lines
  • 200 foot 1" booster reel hose
  • Two 2 1/2" intakes, one 4" intake
  • Standard ladder and tool inventory
  • A 2100 gallon dump tank for drafting out of during a tanker shuttle for remote areas
  • Foam inductors/packs for chemical fires and fires likely to rekindle
  • Two Interspiro Firefighting Air Packs

See the press release regarding 12-71

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